Mother West Wind "Where" Stories

Author: Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 2
  • Illustrated? Yes
  • Audiobook
  • Length: B
  • Flesch: 82.86
  • Kincaid: 5.58
  • Fog Level: 7.75
  • Core 1 and 2: 85.48

Placement Text

Everybody knows that Grandfather Frog has a big mouth. Of course! It wouldn't be possible to look him straight in the face and not know that he has a big mouth. In fact, about all you see when you look Grandfather Frog full in the face are his great big mouth and two great big goggly eyes. He seems then to be all mouth and eyes. Anyway, that is what Peter Rabbit says. Peter never will forget the first time he saw Grandfather Frog. Peter was very young then. He had run away from home to see the Great World