The Faithless Parrot

Author: Bennett, Charles H. (Charles Henry)

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 2
  • Illustrated? Yes
  • Audiobook
  • Length: A
  • Flesch: 82.08
  • Kincaid: 4.91
  • Fog Level: 6.74
  • Core 1 and 2: 80.9

Placement Text

There once lived happily together, in a fine house, a tortoise-shell Cat and a pretty white Dog: the Cat’s name was Tittums; the Dog’s, Fido. In course of time the pretty Dog fell in love with the Cat, and only waited for a good chance to disclose his affections. This came one day, when Tittums had put her paws on the fender, dropped her head a little on one side, half closed her eyes, and seemed thinking of nothing at all. Then Fido, who lay stretched at full length upon the hearth-rug, looked steadfastly at her, and heaving a gentle