Old Granny Fox

Author: Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 1
  • Illustrated? No
  • Audiobook
  • Length: B
  • Flesch: 85.5
  • Kincaid: 5.01
  • Fog Level: 7.06
  • Core 1 and 2: 84.6

Placement Text

Snow covered the Green Meadows and the Green Forest, and ice bound the Smiling Pool and the Laughing Brook. Reddy and Granny Fox were hungry most of the time. It was not easy to find enough to eat these days, and so they spent nearly every minute they were awake in hunting. Sometimes they hunted together, but usually one went one way, and the other went another way so as to have a greater chance of finding something. If either found enough for two, the one finding it took the food back to their home if it could be carried.