The Iron Horse

Author: Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael)

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 6
  • Illustrated? No
  • Audiobook
  • Length: E
  • Flesch: 63.47
  • Kincaid: 10.08
  • Fog Level: 12.85
  • Core 1 and 2: 81.63

Placement Text

Talk of earthquakes! not all the earthquakes that have rumbled in Ecuador or toppled over the spires and dwellings of Peru could compare, in the matter of dogged pertinacity, with that earthquake which diurnally and hourly shocked little Gertie’s dwelling, quivered the white dimity curtains of little Gertie’s bed and shook little Gertie’s frame. A graceful, rounded little frame it was; yet strong, and firmly knit—perhaps in consequence of its having been from infancy so constantly and so well shaken together. Her neat little body was surmounted by a head which no sculptor in search of an antique model