Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country

Author: Harris, Joel Chandler

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 1
  • Illustrated? Yes
  • Length: C
  • Flesch: 85.3
  • Kincaid: 4.63
  • Fog Level: 6.92
  • Core 1 and 2: 83.78

Placement Text

Once upon a time there lived on a plantation, in the very middle of Middle Georgia, a little girl and a little boy and their negro nurse. The little girl's name was Sweetest Susan. That was the name her mother gave her when she was a baby, and she was so good-tempered that everybody continued to call her Sweetest Susan when she grew older. She was seven years old. The little boy's name was Buster John. That was the name his father had given him. Buster John was eight. The nurse's name was Drusilla, and she was twelve. Drusilla was