Frank and Fearless; or, The Fortunes of Jasper Kent

Author: Alger, Horatio

Average rating:
  • Fair-Read Level: 2
  • Illustrated? No
  • Length: C
  • Flesch: 84.34
  • Kincaid: 3.78
  • Fog Level: 6.51
  • Core 1 and 2: 85.6

Placement Text

A dozen boys were playing ball in a field adjoining the boarding-school of Dr. Pericles Benton, in the town of Walltham, a hundred and twenty-five miles northeast of the city of New York. These boys varied in age from thirteen to seventeen. In another part of the field a few younger boys were amusing themselves. All these boys were boarding-scholars connected with the school. The ball had been knocked to a distance by the batter, and it was the duty of Nicholas Thorne, one of the oldest boys, to ran after it. But he thought of an easier way. "Cameron,